good looking atheists are cheating, I just woke up from having a dream where I was flying by concentrating my energy inward. What qualifies Naomi Campbell to dispense life advice? If your average height or short, you can’t listen to the advice of tall people either. It is easier to be fat then short, if anyone says otherwise they have a mouthful of shit. I woke up, knowing that I couldn’t fly … and that I never stood naked after fucking the girl I loved in highschool … charity cases make you complacent, if you give charity you grow complacent … if you accept charity you become weaker. The longer you don’t bother with other people, the meaner you become. If you move to new york city and expect everything to get better, you will eventually leave for a nicer place. If you move to new york city and expect that you will be treated with some respect and recognized for being awesome because you have a pork pie hat and tattoo’s you should live in Portland or anywhere else. No one will know how funny you are, unless you make it a point to make other people laugh … when you die, someone will be born to take your place … there are other people who are waiting to take your place right now. Ever talk to someone who sounds like they know what they are talking about, until they get onto a conversation about something which you really know a great deal about and they expose just how weak minded they actually are? So say’s a lot about being a minority, it means fuck all that you work with autistic’s or know autistic people. Everyone thinks there pain is unique, eventually we accept the human condition or kill ourselves. Dealing with pain is simple, just don’t think about being in pain and you are not in pain. Pain is all in my mind, my mind is a wave of calm. You are not special, do you know how many people die by cancer or car crashes? Painting does not make you a painter, sculpting does not make you a sculptor … art is a noun … calling yourself an artist does not stop the qualitative difference in different works of art. Likewise, there are poorly constructed chairs and well constructed chairs … a chair seems to be of infinitely greater importance then making something that only has value if you use your imagination, you can’t sit on your imagination. We are all alone, we dream as we die … we die as we dream. Magic does not exist, there is no geographic cure for psychological problems … i.e. moving to California will not make you pop punk, living in new york city will not make you cool. However, if you are upset because your country is a war zone … it will help to remove yourself from the constant fear of danger. Aneurysm’s are democratic, we could all go at any moment. People who speed on the highway, parkway, expressway seem to have watched too many movies. Aggressive behavior is a sign of civilization, in a primitive state aggression is only a means for survival … we first have to assume the best, to be shocked by reality. Watching celebrities on the news is a waste of time. Money is awesome, however I’m only saying this because money could get me out of legal trouble … the expectation of legal trouble, because of having too much fun is a good sign that you are not thinking clearly about making money. Looking good is important, the world is superficial … the quality of your life is largely determined by patterns beyond your control … accepting this reality is paramount to maintaining sanity. Friends who expect you to change, are not in it for the long haul … fair weather friends only mean you are in danger, again danger is largely based on our own perceptions. Hatred is pure, love is a weapon people use to control you. Controlling others is always a bad idea, everything is always beyond our control … our time would be spent wisely if we concentrated on becoming better at the things we are already talented at. Writing a lot does not mean anything, if 80% of what you are saying is complete crap. English first is a good program, Columbus day should be celebrated … the noble savage is silly idea. The basic rule of the universe is power imposing itself onto the powerless, celebrating the powerless does not change the past.

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