roller blades

I think the world can be broken down into two groups of people, roller bladers and roller skaters. Roller bladers, are thrill seekers – constantly yelling YES! … THROWING OPEN THE BLINDS IN THE MORNING AND PROCLAIMING HOW FUCKING AWESOME THEY ARE!! Roller skaters think that skateboarders are dicks, and they just want to roller skate … no throwing open the blinders, content to “waste” there free time roller skating. This is pretty much, the vaguely interested in a good time and those who make having a good time the time of there life, because everybody essentially trys to make work as enjoyable as possible, so there free time is just decompressing.

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One Response to roller blades

  1. Marxo says:

    You jumped from roller blades to roller skates to skateboarding. And your attempt at an analogy is completely misguided. Roller skating is the shit! Rollerblading is lame. Skateboarding is for kids.

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