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because of my neurology, I experience time in a unique way, I live in a constant state of “NOW” … I can’t really tell the passage of time so well. For instance, some people with autism exhibit an ability to focus on an object or activity for hours with unusual intensity. This intense focus may be related to time perception in autism spectrum disorder because the person is unaware of how much time has passed. While a nonautistic person would be fatigued by focusing on one thing for hours, the person with autism views time as the present moment, so to a neuro-typical perspective the autistic may view hours in terms of minutes. However, to the mind of someone with autism, units of time are measured by the moment they are experiencing.
Problems with time perception can make it more difficult for a person with autism to learn in traditional classroom settings. Delayed hearing, and delayed response to surroundings are common problems for someone with autism. experts, people with autism have trouble processing verbal instruction because it takes a longer time to hear the words, understand their context and prepare an appropriate answer. This is because in common speech, an immediate response is sometimes the best response … however, in the autistic mind they are experiencing a series of infinite events, each step in speaking is an idea this idea can stretch from it’s genesis to forever, it is only through understanding how to speak that we are able to move past the infinite and engage the world. Passing through the infinite is sometimes much more difficult then would be expected, so physical endurance and mental strength to think past the present moment is very important, knowing you are a hard ass makes you a hard ass, so everything else becomes simpler. The obsession to obtain knowledge also allows me to pass through moments that would otherwise destruct my ego to a point of absolute zero, making any further attempts to live trivial. Being obsessed comes easy to an autistic mind, due to our knowledge that we do not get along with the rest of society … and our time would be better spent in the pursuit of something which could further our existence we seek knowledge in whatever strength we have, strengths should be encouraged as the day is long for family and friends of autistic people, so a good faith based community is often helpful. Faith does not have to be simply religious, or dogmatic … instead it can be ephemeral, transient and confusing. A community of artists, roller skaters, religious people … any sort of group that encourages following something past our own ignorance simply because everyone else we know is doing it, is a good place to start. Delayed response to surroundings, delayed processing of time and information make it more difficult for a person with autism to comprehend and relate to their surroundings. The disorientation and stress that comes with new experiences and routine changes may be related to a rush of new and confusing information to process. Time perception should be taken into consideration when interacting with people within the autism spectrum, in a similar way to the way we notice blind people can not see, or deaf people can not hear. Although, it should be noted that in my mind I have to work against the way I experience time in order to interact with the outside world. For some people with autism spectrum disorders, this presents too difficult an obstacle so they shut off from the world.

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  1. Marxo says:

    You’re not autistic.

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