24 September, 2010 03:20

Heather Kuzmich makes me want to be romantically intimate, Heather Kuzmich is beautiful. 1.) she looks awesome. 2.) she redeemed ANTM for an entire season … some people say she looks haunted, to me she looks like a beautiful deep space, lady, cosmic shadow being with lazer beam eyes.

Secondly, tonight I roller skated with a 20 pound vest on … I went to McCarren park and these rough & tumble teenagers on BMX bikes showed up, I was just going in circles, trying to become a better roller skater … and these kids were doing neat tricks and such … I didn’t feel comfortable with the 5 of them because they could have been out to harm me in some way. So I left the park, after saying to one of the kids “do you listen to music? You should really listen to music” then I circled the McCarren park pool square about 5 times, going around the entire park and each time, while passing the skate park I tried to be sassy as fuck.

Why would someone on a bike compare themselves to someone on roller skates? Bikes use brute force, to stifle expression with every pedal … your simply making a machine perform a very specific function. I do not think bikes are inherently bad things, they must be a lot of fun and very practical. I like that when you ride a bike, you can go faster by increasing the size of your wheels … this makes me jealous! Although, Roller Skates are an expression to your surroundings and stimulus, everyone see’s the way you react to will power and the mastery you have over your body. It is very hard to fake being a good roller skater, on a bike one can sort of fake being fast because of big wheels, I wish my roller skates had giant wheels!!

Oh well, it was really neat and a lot of fun.

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One Response to 24 September, 2010 03:20

  1. Marxo says:

    Why would someone on roller skates compare themselves to someone on a bike?

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