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I took Melatonin, before going to sleep last night … my dreams were so frickin’ bizarre and I am so rested. I was in a diner with my friend Joe and we were eating some fries and fried chicken strips when out of nowhere there was this bourgeois couple. Some tall asshole in a top hat and coat tail and this alice glass wannabe, dumb ass girl … I had to wrestle both … the girl went to RISDI and I could tell immediately because I had been listening to her ideas on art and she was a rich girl who never had to work for anything, so her ideas were all bullshit and weak and didn’t take actual struggling to make a living into account. Anyone who has everything handed to them, can’t really formulate decent ideas on art because they have nothing to lose … if you have nothing to lose, you tend to hold your ideas like water in the palm of your hand. This terd guy, brought in a chainsaw at one point so I had to float and drop fecal matter on top of him until he started to cry and left without killing me with a chainsaw. People who gone through mental anguish have pretty different ideas on art, which is a reason good looking people, for the most part like shitty art … the life experiences which would bring them to art that is violent and original is lacking, so they navigate toward art which appears violent and dark, all the while lacking any real pain on which to reflect. These people, need to be stopped and it is doesn’t matter how you stop them … as long as you try to destroy there stupid fucking ideas thoroughly, which might mean destroying them as people.

Both of these people were fucking losers, and I was awesome … because I had french fries and fried chicken strips. I also, ate so many polish cookies throughout the night that I have a belly ache right now.

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