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my landlord has been renovating the apartment upstairs for over a month, it has become somewhat chaotic due to the non-rhythmic hammering and stamping early in the morning on the floorboard … there is also a hole in a wall right outside my apartment, which has been there for almost a year. I am trying to give my landlord the benefit of the doubt, however sometimes I get the impression that he is trying to drive me away from my apartment. This is a futile task, my mother is Irish Catholic and I have asperger’s syndrome … no one can remove me from my home, I am as dedicated to my home as a human being can be dedicated to something that is not human. In my mind, where I live is a sanctuary and it often seems awkward that someone would attempt to create a condition which is an unlivable situation. This is almost impossible, I will simply retreat into my mind … which is a defense that neurotypicals do not have and can barely comprehend. I do hope that the apartment get’s finished and everything returns to normal, I am an immovable object that has a very active inner mind. However, I pay my rent every month on time and have only ever complained twice … once because my stove was not working and another time when I first moved in and realized there was a water mark on my ceiling. I am trying to be on good terms with those who are renovating the upstairs apartment, however if they are trying to remove me by making a lot of noise and dropping asbestos into my fireplace from upstairs, I am already use to be discriminated against and have the good sense to be conscientious enough to realize I will always have to stand my own ground because people will always be looking to discriminate against introverted people. Introverted people, now exist in a world of extroverts … which is in itself a confusing situation, because most people are not that dynamic or interesting enough to notice. Introverted people, will always be discriminated against because the world is slowly becoming a simulacra of the society of the spectacle. I.e. people who simply want to exist in peace and harmony and do not want to appear on Mtv are becoming antiquated influences in a culture that is spiraling out of control due to it’s growing idiocracy, callowness and lack of an attention span. I would like to assume that by existing peacefully, I am offering something contrary and innocent to our crass commercialized culture.

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