autism and art.

If I am to dedicate the remainder of my life to helping culture keep track of itself, then I have indeed decided to study the connection between autism and art in the 21st Century American culture. It is my understanding that the art world can get along perfectly well on it’s own, however there must remain some people who stand outside of convention and objectively study the way neurotypical’s interact with autistic artists and the subject of autism in tandem with the creation of art works. This means more then simply studying Gary Numan or Ladyhawke, this means addressing the very real possibility that Andy Warhol could be defined as someone within ASD specifications as well as Donna Williams. I believe that the term “outsider art” has become an antiquated term in the art world, simply because those who would have been considered “outside” of the mainstream art world, would today be minorities within the larger American culture. Since the time when the words “outsider art” became common parlance, sociology, neuroscience, ethnography and economic theories have progressed considerably, rendering the term “outsider art” a term that has very little value for a real understanding of the creation and categorization of art.

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