Greenpoint, Brooklyn is a nice place to live if you don’t mind status symbol babies and people who think they are what they own. If you don’t mind gentrification, then Greenpoint is totally cool … nevertheless, I can’t complain since the Polish population seemed to have done very little to be welcoming to the young hipsters … perhaps they felt this would keep some people out, this is a strange idea. The more that young hipsters felt stereotyped and categorized the more they became exclusionary and insular. This lead to the young people and traditional polish working class elements separating. Of course there are more young people then Polish American immigrants, so Greepoint slowly lost it’s Polish working class element. Blame can be assigned to either side, however the one thing which is endearing about Greenpoint opposed to Williamsburg is that Greenpoint is more athletic and also sophisticated about drinking. Sure, Williamsburg has the wall street stock broker types who wanted to live among artists, driving many actual artists into Bushwick and other parts of Brooklyn … living the artists to cater in service industries for the stock brokers who took over Williamsburg and with that, there is an element of “sophistication” by the PC book. However, this only created a homogenized culture in Williamsburg and now Greenpoint is home to the element who could not afford Williamsburg, yet still valued culture … however they are appropriating the culture of Williamsburg which was created by forcing artists out of Williamsburg, so many young people are appropriating a culture of gentrification as a means to distinguish themselves as artists. Personally, I have little use for this seachange in Greenpoint and prefer to roller skate … because it might actually be so counter to both communities that it could bring people together in there puzzlement at being “uncool” whatever that means.

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