roller derby DJ

I went a roller derby tournament and it was awesome except for the fact that the DJ sort of sucked, I could have done a much better job at kicking out the jams.

for one, he did not play one Tegan & Sara song … or Jangle Pop song, roller derby is a sport … it is not simply a fashion show for rockabilly. As such, the DJ did not play very sporting music … “I Bet It Stung”, “Are You Ten Years Ago”, “Underwater” would have been killer … Santigold, Amanda Blank, Eve, Spank Rock, Joy Division, Basement Jaxx, Matt & Kim, Dan Deacon, Melt Banana, Dead Boys, Johnny Thunders, Hasil Adkins, Wanda Jackson, Bush Tetras, Electrelane, MC Lyte, Foetus, Ministry, Talulah Gosh, DNA, Justice … anything from the Ruff Ryders label that was hard hitting … the set could have been ridiculously more impressive … and perhaps a reason to even attend the event, sadly it felt like a distraction by someone who did not roller skate assuming that he was playing roller skating music … Freak-A-Zoid would have been a welcome awesome. Furthermore, live bands could have performed …. instead “DJ JoeJack” played Salvation by The Cranberries and while I love Dolores O’Riordan I don’t normally associate good time party music with a song about transcendence and heroin.

If there are multiple teams there should be multiple DJ’s for roller derby events.

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