until traditional standards of education improve, autistics should learn on there own and abandon the failing institutions which imprison our neuro-divergent brains. I have tried for 30 years to follow the lead of education, It is now my understanding that traditional education is failing autistics those within the spectrum, for those who are within ASD, there has been too much bullying, ridicule, misunderstanding, legal duress, alienation, isolation and utter failure.

There is no future in education for those within ASD, the way our brains operate is fundamentally too divergent to fit within the narrow teaching methods imposed by learning institutions. The only choice for those within ASD who desire to learn is follow there strengths, no matter the dark place that it may lead because the light on the other end of that road is worth the effort. It must be taken on faith, that if those within ASD follow there strengths they will eventually become better at what they are already good at doing.
This form of education, circumvents traditional education by allowing the student to learn whatever and whenever they desire and one need only an instructor to guide the individual. The test’s which have been created, were created for neuro-typical individuals and these should not apply to neuro-divergent brains since the neuro-divergent brain learns in a fundamentally different manner.

“School” does not work for the neuro-divergent and must be abandoned or left to rot in it’s own utter failure as the autistic learns on there own.

Even criticism which may be thrown against this statement is coming from a neuro-typical perspective and creative stand-point so the only criticism which could apply must come from neuro-divergent’s themselves, since we must eventually separate ourselves from any culture which does not understand or accept us.

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