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there seem to be a lot of children as status symbols in williamsburg and this seems to be spreading into greenpoint. I don’t understand having a child as a status symbol, because a child is a human being and how can a human being be a status symbol for another human being? So many people try to connect to there status symbol children through little interactive designs, such as matching clothes … that I believe the child doesn’t understand, although the parents understand that people understand. I find these parents to be shallow people, my parents were not shallow people. Children should be taught life skills, not kept as trophies … in fact, trophies shouldn’t even exist conceptually because the world is relativistic, except for perhaps science and math, in which you can clearly become be the best … you can always solve a more complicated math problem then someone else, and you can always create a better machine then someone else. Children are not math problems or machines, children should also not be affectations.

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