Mel Gibson

as someone who says a lot of crazy shit, especially when they have been drinking and/or is stressed out … I feel bad for Mel Gibson … it seems to me, that Mr. Gibson has only ever made some really awesome characters .such as Mad Max, Martin Riggs, Capt. Daniel McCormick, Bret Maverick, William Wallace and Rev. Graham Hess just to name a few. I think that Mel Gibson is entitled to lose his mind, he has played some of the best characters ever. Plus, sometimes when people say crazy things that they don’t mean they try to say the craziest thing they can think up … and since Mel Gibson is essentially an artist it seems likely that Mr. Gibson has a good imagination. People who say crazy things, don’t always mean what they say … they sometimes just want to convey emotional impact in original configurations. So, I think that Mel Gibson and by way of Mel Gibson, any scientologist’s or famous new age people, should be exempt. Ultimately, I think that people should be allowed to say crazy shit without fear of having to make reparation’s against social norms.

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