wham city

I don’t know if there is a single art to wham city or the purpose of wham city, I don’t know because there is always so much going on … and it get’s confusing, which is cool because confusion often leads to elucidation.

Perhaps the ultimate art of Wham City is community building, we exist because we chose to exist and in doing so this links everything else together … our personal trials and tribulations and perhaps conflicts only arise because everything is SimCity and we’re trying to play at the same time. Our hearts are in the right place, but our minds are scattershot and reverberating with pings-pangs and zeeps, zops, swirz, cling, clang, whirz, birz twirling sirens of sound from someone else’s game … although there is only really one game. Dictatorship seems to work, however democracy is dictatorship by mob rule too and since we hold together rather well, we realize community building requires other people … and we’re people who know people.

I suppose the art of Wham City is dreaming of reality and making it into fantasy by extension of future communities we are, for whatever reason … constantly trying to build. I think this is in part because being alone limits the party and you can’t create community alone.

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