autistic eyes, again!

you might ask yourself, why people within the autistic spectrum do not look people in the eyes naturally … this is because they are autistic spectrum. It is not because we perceive threats, it is because we can’t read facial expressions when we are trying to read everything else that is surrounding us and our physical proximity to everything else. This is like roller skating, you can speed skate on Kent … but then, you will have to watch every single crack in the road when you are approaching the Williamsburg bridge, so your motions have to become precise and you have to decrease your velocity and momentum in order to not fall down. If we do not look you in the eyes, it is because we are speed skating our minds and trying to navigate the world that surrounds our field of vision. Sometimes, it is difficult to go from 20 mph’s on roller skates to jam skating your eyes … so we rely on the information that is available, if you are not giving us information to navigate our existence we tend to look for information that will help us keep moving. Since, sometimes we take things literally … we may seem disinterested or arrogant, although keeping a center of balance in an otherwise topsy turvy world requires information that will help keep us rolling. We are not looking you in the eys, because we want to get along with you and hope that you don’t want to pick on us for being weird.

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