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I don’t know if this is expository bad writing, although I respect my friends greatly … some of my fondest memories have been meeting my friend jackie as I was passed out on a junior highschool floor from dancing too hard and looking up as she blocked out this really harsh light for me, that was cool. My friend Joe and I once went to go see roller derby and an abandoned coney island dock with green jeans sucking the tit of miss green herself, the Pillsbury dough boy himself was there … he held firm to the oval shape, with miss green. dan once showed me how to make an apple bong, It was very impressive … right now I am thankful. I use to know this girl named jackie, she sat in the library in a joy division shirt … she was in 7th grade, I was also in 7th grade and she wrote bad poetry in reaction to william faulkner, I realized what hot was at such a young age. Amie once dressed up like zombie and smoked pot in the back of a supermarket in new jersey, only now do I realize my mind was blown.

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