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at some point, I think that “spooky” … should be represented as an aesthetic movement in art, much like slick hair was an aspect of early 1980’s style, I don’t know all the specifics about this … but I think that fashion basically comes down to trying to convince someone else that what you are wearing is actually the right thing to wear, so all manner of advertisements and pr campaigns are created to keep the general public at odds with the current style that is being flaunted as the supreme style to uphold as the best. “Spooky” as it has generally been depicted in horror films and high drama’s should be redesigned so that the common man can imagine themselves in spooky surroundings and dressing accordingly. This would circumvent the partial reality that a supreme style should be revered, in truth this would set a theme of high fashion located primarily in the mind of the common man. Spooky is sexy, spooky is slick, spooky can be reinvented a thousand ways, each way being relative to what one imagines alone from the dulldrums of society. Spooky is an isolated event unfolding forever into it’s own demise. We all die alone.

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