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So, everyone rides a bike … are bikes for whimps who scared of pain or getting a little banged up? Sometimes, people who pass me on a bike while I am on my roller skates have an air that there shit doesn’t stink, I seriously question what goes through there mind as they ride past me on there toy. Clearly, the principle guiding someone to put on roller skates and someone riding a bike are different, thus the ramifications for actions taken on both machines are different. Roller skating is about sending off feel good vibes, riding a bike is just a thing hipsters do, roller skates are fun for everyone and turn you into someone who is cool. Seriously riding a bike past someone on roller skates, is just a sad case of confusion. As I skated past everyone in an Italian festival like that of San Gennaro people looked at first excitedly then controlled themselves, it is sad that people can’t express there enthusiasm for roller skating the way they expressed themselves in the 1970s. Roller skaters are guided by a different principle then those of bikers, we have roller derby they have Le Tour de France, this is an obvious difference. Bikes are cool, although they do not make you awesome, they just get you from point A to point B … and if this all your after, just ride a car.

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