the cops

I do not like getting stopped by the cops for roller skating, I am aware that in this day and age roller skating is an anomaly, the mentality of cops is stomp out abnormalities … whatever is sticking out needs to be eliminated by and large, in which case people who are ND’s who have been stopped by the cops, for what cops perceive as suspicious activities and abnormalities need to realize they are nothing short of misguided about the behavior of ND’s. Despite my understanding that ND’s get stopped by the cops by and large more so then they do not, I refuse to abandon my roller skates because I like roller skating. The other day, I was pulled over by the cops near McCarren park for looking at my ipod near a black Escalade, they asked for my ID and told me that I looked like I was on roller skates, they were clearly fucking with me. I told them immediately that I was ND and that roller skating is good for me because it relieves tension and they left me alone immediately. So, if you are on the spectrum at all, just tell the cops about yourself and they might leave you the fuck alone, without you having to stare them in the eyes and explain your existence at that point in time. Needless to say, I was never nor will I ever be a fan of the police, Sting is an asshole … and I prefer Devo. How could I possibly break into an escalade on roller skates .. they are, by and large, illogical meat heads who feel they are under paid.

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