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I went to go see the Gotham Girls Roller Derby (Brooklyn Bombshell’s vs. Queens of Pain) with my dad at Hunter College gymanisum on the 10th. We arrived early and ate a diner on the corner, then we got our seats and we sat in the back, with a pretty decent view of the track. I tried to go over the rules of the game, because he remembers watching the New York Chiefs on television back in the 1970s, both of my parents grew up watching roller derby (1950s, 60s) on tv as casual fans.

I told my dad to watch both jammers at the same time, because this would help make understanding the action an easier thing to do later on, becasue roller derby on tv is very different then watching in person (in person, it is much more action packed and faster with an obvious level of energy that tv removes from the spectator.) At first my dad seemed really impressed by Suzy Hotrod, although we were rooting for the Brooklyn Bombshells because that is the birth place of our ancestors. Later on, there were many moments from all members of the team that we enjoyed watching, he seems to be a big fan of Hyper Lynx and Carmen Monoxide.

At one point during the game, my dad really let go and uncharacteristically hollered “LET’S GO BROOKLYN!”, at which point, I could swear all these cool tattooed rockers started to cheer in turn for Brooklyn to win! This put us somewhere at odds with the Queens of Pain fans that were surrounding us.

Afterwards, he said that he would definitely go see another game!

I don’t know about you, but if your dad is a cool old dude, seeing Roller Derby with your dad could also be a blast!

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