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not to be too swiftian about this, but I live in brooklyn. In brooklyn, there seems to be a limited amount of things people are willing to do … i.e. “drink”, “smoke”, “ride around in cars listening to music loudly” … all for the sake of getting some piece of ass by the end of the night. Just now, I went to the store to buy a redbull because I plan on running in the park at 5 in the morning because I want to exercise, this is what I do. In the meantime, I noticed the same things I have noticed for several years … short girls with tall boys, lonely looking gay men, guido’s blasting whatever they feel represents there inner soul. Occasionally someone rides a skateboard, or a bike and we stand around shocked by how outrageous there actions are … Brooklyn is the land of limited human beings, doing limited things on the weekend. We are seemingly amazed at difference, because in our spare time what we do is unoriginal at best. In new york city, the land of opportunity, people opt. for indifference or triviality at best. People seem scared to do anything outside of convention, or create anything that didn’t exist before … it is pathetic, people are cliches playing shadow puppets in the cave. Eventually you die, you could be hit by a car or have an aneurysm … it seems to me that a lot of people will never have even known rosebud, just enids. This is pathetic, if oblivion is real … so many people will only ever look back and realize they spent there life getting fucked up. Why?


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