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It is strange, but it seems that people in cars have a rather difficult time accepting that someone is on roller skates and if you are a pedestrian you have the right of way. I think people who don’t recognize this are limited human beings … and I have such a bad ass attitude when I am roller skates too! If I see someone on a bike coming at me, I pivot and turn around and they see the back of my head and then I pivot back to the position I was facing. I think bikes are a cop out, they don’t improve your center of balance and they are easy to maneuver … you just pedal, although roller skates are much better because you can do all manner of things, including dancing! You can’t dance on a bicycle, I don’t give a damn if it’s Lance Armstrong … you just can’t dance as dancing is commonly understood. Plus roller skates are more funky, they make you relaxed and focused at the same time … sometimes, they are too much for me and I become hyper aroused.
Roller skating makes me horny.

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