getting kicked out again!

I got kicked out of another gym tonight, this has happened to me 3 times before … I have a theory … that since I am not very good at reading body language, I don’t know what someone expects of me at a gym when they get on a machine next to me. Many of the men who frequent gyms, are exceptionally large guys physically … and they might expect me to slow down, because I think it is expected that muscular men are suppose to make less muscular men feel insecure or beholden to them, since I have asperger’s syndrome I just accept that they have muscles and I then try to do my exceptional best at running, or some other form of aerobics. I think some of these men, might get upset with me and find something that they disagree with such as the fact that I sweat or did not clean a machine after I used it. I think this makes sense because, that person could say “I didn’t try that hard, because I didn’t want to get the machine all sweaty like that other guy.” I don’t know what to do about this, I am very powerful athletically … I can run for about 3 hours consecutively and once I worked out for 7 hours, tonight I ran for three hours, I only seem to be getting stronger, like some ancient vampire or werewolf or something. It’s ok, the gym blasted lame techno and there were no pretty girls, just dudes … so it was a sausage fest.

Anyway, I think that people with asperger’s syndrome often get thrown out of places for not being socially graceful. I wish I was more graceful, although I think roller skating will help me because you have to be loose and limber in order to roller skate, robots can’t roller skate … I think loose people are usually considered more graceful then robotic people.

Anyway, Heather Kuzmich got rejected on AMNTM and she survived, I am rock’n’roll and this is par for the course, I now expect a refusal to renew my membership in the future. If my past is not who I am, then it is only the trajectory which brought me to the present moment …. and If I am not my own worst enemy, then I am my own best friend. I have no hatred in my heart for these people at Otom gym in Greenpoint, NYC. They act on ignorance and can’t read someone as being neuro-divergent, because if they complained logically to me I would have amended my ways. If they do know that I am neuro-divergent, at least I didn’t grow up to be the guido who picks on someone with asperger’s syndrome for not being socially graceful, likewise … I don’t yell at deaf people for being deaf, or give the middle finger to blind people, my mother would be disappointed with me If I did, plus I would rather accept my fate and go to a new gym and reduce my empathy level to absolute zero when it comes to there memory. Perhaps eventually they will see past being petty & judgmental about people they do not understand, I doubt this … que sera sera!

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