crazy rant …

So, I could start off with something light hearted and fun …. or I can say “FUCK YOU” to small talk. Either way, I am not sure if anyone will care … nevertheless, since my people excel at socially “inappropriate” heavy talk … and it is more punk rock this way, then I believe an intelligent way to open, open letters to an anonymous world go a little something like this.

Personally, I don’t want to be alive anymore, I don’t like this at all … I don’t want to be alive, perhaps there is an afterlife and when we die we feel loved and can know how much people love us when we look into there eyes and they look into ours. I would rather take my chances on death, I feel so alone … I feel like I am constantly people down because I can’t communicate with them the way they would like me to, I would rather just not be here. Although, this would mean that the bastards ground me down and I will not let the bastards grind me down. If you are not interested in being alive anymore because of AS, then you are not alone.

Second life always appealed to me, once I thought I could lose myself to second life and once I lost myself I could become myself and my problems would be gone. Although you can not solve your problems by hiding in second life. I believe the only way for our problems to be solved, is through medicine, right now there is too much profit to be made with aspergers syndrome. I believe that suicide should not be ruled out, we already kill ourselves in greater numbers then neuro-typicals and we don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. People have been killing themselves since the beginning for political reasons: Suicide would draw attention to the struggle, this is the ultimate thing to do … if people on the spectrum started to off themselves because they wanted to draw attention to the plight of people on the spectrum, this could be revolutionary tool for the world to start caring about AS. I would rather take my own life to sock it to neuro-typicals then die of old age anyway.

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