I think Hell is waiting to be born and knowing about birth before you
are born and being stuck perpetually awaiting birth.

Conversely, I think heaven is the opposite of Hell.

I percieve time as one prolonged NOW and this means all the events
which you have categorized throughout your lives, I have percieved
without a chronogical basis for these events. I have no hatred in my
heart, one day I will descend into my conciousness and exist within a
moment which allows me to percieve my own death. This moment is the
same moment I was born and it is the moment of my death, I have no
sense of time. Things are what they are until the cease to be, yet
nothing ever truly is … it’s just our complaceny which is reality,
my reality does not process death because, in order to process death
one must learn to tell time.

I don’t know if love exists, or the conciousness expansion of Love
allows us to control an experience which is beyond our ability to
comprehend in the time we are given to comprehend what it is that we

everything truly has already been determined, we are just amazed at
how it unfolds, like pulling apart wrinkles from the bottom of your

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